Configure Freebitcoin

In this post we show you how to set up FreeBitcoin in a correct way, so that you can operate with total security and learn how to collect what you have earned.

In the previous post about FreeBitcoin website, we detailed all options to earn free Bitcoins, in a very simple way. But we recommend that you take some time securing your account to be more protected, especially when your bitcoin amount becomes already significant.

The first thing to do is enable 2FA code to sign in. This code are generated randomly and is different each time you log in. You will receive it on your mobile phone. Therefore, each time you log in, it will ask you for a different code that you will receive on your mobile phone. Doing this, you prevent someone from accessing your account even if they know the password.

To enable 2FA code, you must go to menu “More”, “Profile”, “2-factor authentication”. The first thing you need to do is click “Send Email” to send you a verification email.

2FA freebitcoin

By checking the link within the verification email, you can enable 2FA on the website. You must type a mobile phone number (with country code). Then, using your mobile phone, you will have to download the “Google Authenticator” App or the “Authy” App, and with it, scan the QR code that appears on the website. After that, you will receive a code in the App that you need to type on the Freebitcoin website to definitely activate 2FA.
enable 2FA freebitcoin
Your mobile app will provide you with a new code every few seconds, which will allow you to log into Freebitcoin in the future. In addition, this code will be necessary every time you make important changes, such as a Wallet change or to withdraw funds.


An important thing to do is to change your Wallet withdrawal adress. In other words, you must specify external wallet address, where you want to collect your earnings. For your understanding, one Wallet is like a bank account identified with an address (many letters and numbers). Like a traditional bank account that is identified by an IBAN code, accounts where Bitcoins are stored are identified with an address like the one you see in the image. It will ask for your password and your 2FA code to be able to change it.

withdrawal address freebitcoin

You may think you don’t know what wallet address to put there, that you don’t have any. Well this is an easy solution, write ours 🙂 (it’s a joke)

There are several websites that offer Bitcoin wallets. You can transfer your coins there, and exchange them for Dollars or Euros. An example is Bitfinex website.


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