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Get Paid to Play

To earn a fun and friendly $20.00 with Rise of Kingdoms:

1. First you must sign up to ySense.

2. Click on the ySense Offers Section Menu
3. Download and open Rise of Kingdoms on Apple or Android devices
4. Reach Level 18 to earn your
$20.00 reward!
5. Important Note: You must be a NEW user to the

Note: It can take up to 7 days for your $20.00 to be credited to
your ySense account.
You must complete ALL of the steps above to earn your reward

Play & Earn Now

Richard Jakobiw’s

11 July 2020: “Rise of Kingdoms
is a great game without having to spend any money at all!


I don’t ever play these games because most start off quick and then you hit
the P2P wall reeeaaaalll at a high speed, but RoK is very playable.

Time is required for things, and you CAN speed it up if you want by paying for
it, but get your self a good alliance and enjoy!”

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