How to Use ySense

We explain how to use ySense, a serious website to make money. You enter by clicking on the “Sign In” menu if you are already registered: Enter your username and your password. If you are not registered, you can see step by step how to sign up in this post.

sign in ysense

ySense is an online community with multiple earning options. Start earning with paid online surveys, cash offers, & figure eight tasks. Best of all, you don’t have to spend money !

Main screen shows us several things: In the first section “Account details” you can see the detail of your account: how much have you earned (Total Balance) , how many tasks, offers, and surveys have you done, etc.

details account ysense


Answering surveys is where you earn the most. Here you will find best survey sites together. You can find them directly in the top menu “Surveys” and on the main screen. When you enter the first time, it asks you to choose your preferences. You must indicate if you want to receive surveys adapted to mobile and tablet (indicated when you connect from these devices), and if you want to receive invitations in your email to participate in new surveys. The emails you receive will come from the indicated address (surveys @, so you must make sure that it’s not blocked as spam.

survey preferences ysense

There are usually 5 companies that carry out surveys for money, although occasionally there are some more. As you can see in the following image, the amounts they pay for each survey are not bad. The surveys are in the language of your country. You can login multiple times in a day so that you don’t miss any paid survey. Complete a survey as soon as you find it.

survey opportunities

If you want to be chosen to be able to fill out the survey, you must overcome some “elimination” questions, since the editors look for a specific person profile to answer the survey. In another post we will explain Tips and Tricks to answer paid surveys.


Tasks are a bunch of little jobs or mini-tasks, which you can solve right or wrong. They are only in English, but are very simple and you can use an online translator if you want.

When you do a task, first you have to do 2 or 3 as a test, so that you understand how that specific task works. Once you have passed the test mode, you are going to collect earnings for each one.

There are some very quick tasks to solve and others not so much (these pay better).

An example: “Help us validate Authors and Articles” (They give you an author name and a website link, and you must validate that the article is written / signed by this author).

Another example: Which Tags Don’t Apply to These Businesses

That’s one is also easy, you must visit business website or Google result, and see what the business does in order to classify it. For example a fast food restaurant, we must check which label does not belong to it (“restaurant”, “fast food”, “fish shop”). In this case it would be the last one. As you can see in this simple task, it’s only a matter of analyzing and reading all the possible labels and select the correct one.

Here we show you an example of tasks. You can get paid 2 cents to 50 cents for completing micro tasks:

tasks examples


You can also earn more money if you participate in promotions offered by companies associated with ySense. There are various Offers: smartphone Apps, sign up in some websites, watch videos, etc. All of them are in the “Offers” menu. You will find Cash Offers when you click on each company. You can get paid 5 cents to $50 cents or even more for completing each offer.

Referrals / Affiliate Income

Referral or affiliate is other source of income in ySesne. When you refer someone, you will earn lifetime referral commission. There are 2 types of income you can make by referring people:

  1. Signup Commission – As soon as someone signup with your affiliate link, you will earn $0.1 to $0.3 depending on the country of your referral. You will also earn $2 when your referral earns $5.
  2. Activity Commission – You can earn 20% lieftime income from all your referrals when they complete any survey, cash offers or task.

For example, if you refer 20 people and their total income is $500 in one month. Then you will get up to $100 monthly as your affiliate income in ySense. If you do well, then your commission will be increased to 30%.

You will find your affiliate link in your dashboard.

affiliate link ysense

There are multiple ways to promote your affiliate program. One of the best way is by creating your own blog like this blog and promote ySense referral  from your blog.

How to Withdraw Your ySense Earnings

There are several methods of withdrawing money on ysense. We recommend Skrill, a great online payment processor; or if you have a PayPal account  then you can withdraw your earning through them. You can also request for a gift card. You can find all the options when you click on Cashout option.

Withdraw ysense


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